June 2024

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7 Jun 2024
Waternish Community Council Minutes - May
Waternish Community Council
Minutes of the meeting held on
Tuesday 7th May 2024 at 7.00pm in Waternish Village Hall

Cllr Calum Munro

Eilidh Gillies
Kathy Sillence
Craig Forrester
Morag Hannah
Raymond Barnett

Apologies for absence:
Johnny McMaster
Nick Robson
Madeline Jones

Welcome & Apologies

Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and noted apologies received.

Minutes of previous meeting, minutes of 12th March 24 approved, proposed by RB and seconded by KS.

Treasurer gave a verbal report, Treasurer and Chair have supplied necessary information to RBS. Treasurer provided Bank balance as of 28th Dec 23. Treasurer noted that costs for hall hire for meetings £40. Agreed ACTION: Treasurer will submit report to THC Ward Forum Manager.

WCC email account details, MH advised WCC email set up as follows; waternishcommunitycouncil@gmail.com with both MH and MJ having access. Whatsapp group also created, Raymond, Morag and Eilidh on this with both Kathy and Craig also confirming can be added. Agreed ACTION: Treasurer will share WCC contact info with Waternish Newsletter. Also was suggested dates for future meetings be shared on same forum and possibly on any Notice Boards in the Community.

Mowi proposal update, Chair declared a Conflict of Interest. KS advised that MOWI presentation has been delayed as they are waiting for Regulatory Reports. They will come back to us with a future date.

Visitor Signage Signpost Wraps – Visitor signage, Police Scotland doing the design, eg how to use Passing Places, Keeping Dogs under Contract, Outdoor Access Code. those present all agreed this was a good idea. ACTION: MH to contact Dunvegan and District CC to say WCC interested and to see if can get an idea of costs.

It was also agreed for WCC to email Cllr C M with regards to concerns about passing places signage in Waternish. ACTION: MH to email

WCC archived files / storage, agreed to review at next meeting.

Community Council Guidance survey shared with all members. MH advised had completed and returned. The aim of survey is to provide most appropriate support and guidance information for Community Councils.

KS advised that there is a ‘Drop In Windfarm’ meeting tonight in Edinbane. Proposing that now that WCC formed to establish a community link between WCC and the Developers, it was agreed was important for WCC to take in all views in community if representing. Email address for those interested finding out more about the Skye Windfarm Information Group: skyewindfarminformationgroup@gmail.com WCC wants to make sure that whatever happens with proposed windfarm developments, and as a committee there is a wide range of views on the subject, that should these go ahead, we try to get as much benefit from the developments as possible for our area.

RB asked who responsible for Picnic Area at Trumpan Church as could do with clean/tidy. Is this community owned or responsibility of local authority? ACTION: RB to make enquiries with local resident in area.

MH asked whether WCC could hold/organise a community event, intergenerational e.g., Soup/Pudding lunch. This was agreed and would be discussed at future meeting.

Cllr C Munro would like to update WCC on Council / Ward Forum update at next meeting. ACTION to be added to future Agenda.

Dates of Next Meeting agreed: KS agreed to book future dates for hall.

Tuesday 9th July
Tuesday 10th September
Tuesday 12th November
Tuesday 14th January 2025

Meeting closed 7.45pm with Chair thanking those for attending.
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